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V8 Switches

I just bought my 91 200 TQ, and I'm going to want to add some kind of extra
lighting, I'm thinking of a custom installation of PIAA projector beams in the
small ventilation slats underneath the bumper, kinda like the factory
installation on my 95 Subaru Legacy. It looks cool and lights the road well.

However, most 200's that I have seen with lights do some kind of botch job with
the switch, normally some kind of toggle on the left hand side of the console
near your right knee.

I want to add a foglight switch from a V8 to the console where  the little
change holder is presently.

Question is, the V8 doesn't have one of these things, and if I remove it, I will
have two switch positions left to fill (I think, haven't got the car yet), what
does the V8 have?

The 200 has two seat heater switches, anti lock switch and rear foglight. Does
anyone have any ideas on what/how to fill the remaining switch positions? Do
they make blanks that fit in a 91 200 TQ? If so, does anyone have any extra
lying around?


91 200 TQ
87 5KSQ (for sale)

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