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          Your friendly, soon-to-be-ex EPA contractor here......
          Scott, etal., your friend is correct in regards to OBDIII.  There 
          are further complications which has SEMA worried.
          To wit:
          	 2 O2 sensors (as mentioned)
          	 WOT (as mentioned)
          and the kicker:
          It seems that the aforementioned federal agency (my address 
          gives it away) wants to insure that the manufacuters warranty
          the new emissions system for 100k miles!  In response, many 
          manufacuters say.....sure, but only our DEALERS can do the work. 
          As I've mentioned several months ago, OBDIII is so sensitive to 
          change the a 2 to 3 percent change in TIRE size can send out 
          warning signals to the system!  Not to mention filters, 
          injectors, chips, timing changes, etc.  which would all VOID said 
          To ensure this, some manufacturers state that since all work has 
          to be done by the dealer, that not even the owner of the vehicle 
          will be "allowed" under the hood.....the dealer will have a "key" 
          which allows access under the hood.
          So much for doing your own oil changes......
          Not just SEMA is worried, but the local mechanics/repair shops 
          (associations) are as well.  Personally, I haven't had heard much 
          noise from the manufacturers at all, since this guarantees 
          increased $$$$ from the dealers for parts, etc.  I think this is 
          probably the major issue to be resolved before such a system is 
          actually put into place.  
          When putting up a new emissions system, against someone's 
          livelyhood, and especially as a consumer... I start B*#@#ing....
          -Cello (who apparantly hasn't been spending enough time with the 
                 wife lately....)
          souza.paul@epamail.epa.gov ...for another week.
          -85 GT
          -85 5ks