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RE: Trunk lid lettering-5k

> > >Can anyone tell me which year they changed the trunk lettering on
> > >the 5k, from the thick black/silver, to the thinner chrome?

> > That would be in '88 along with the relocated trunk lock cyl.  I 
> > de-Chromed my lettering so I have just a black "Audi" on the left (Got 
> > rid of the 5000 CS) and a Black "Quattro" on the right on my Black 
> > Metallic paint.....  Until your 20 feet away it looks like there are no 
> > badges on the trunk........

> Oh Yeah? I have that beat. My 100Q has no badges at all. It
> really confuses people. It's been mistaken for everything from
> a V8Q to a Honda (!?!?!)

> Oh no, this is how the first "badges, we don't need no steeking badges"
> thread got started....

Here we go...

My 1990 CQ has no badges either - Just the 4 rings in chrome and
"Quattro" spelled out by the rear window defrost element.  Was this the
standard setup?

BTW, from a distance my girlfriend still can't tell the difference between my
CQ and a red Sentra, red Jetta, etc.!  (She doesn't share my enthusiasm) 
Kind of ruins one of my favorite aspects of the car - it's the only one of its
kind in the city! :-)

Eric Renneisen
1990 CQ
1986 4KS
She=Candidate for Audi support group :-)