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Re[2]: Audi mountain bike??

     I have a Yakima rack on my CQ that mounts in the punch outs and it 
     works well.  These punch-outs are far enough apart that you don't need 
     an extention kit but you do need a full length wheel tray.  If you get 
     the yakima, count on buying the wind deflector also.  Without it the 
     rack hums quite loudly.  I have had 2 bikes and 2 windsurfers on it at 
     the same time.  It took a while to get the posts mounted correctly but 
     once I did it fits perfectly.  The puch-outs don't go into anything so 
     there is no way they can leak and I have noticed no wear problems.
     I believe the factory Audi rack is a thule. 
     Tim NJ 90CQ, 77Spitfire

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Subject: RE: Audi mountain bike??
Author:  Eric Renneisen <renneie@hlthsrc.com> at Internet
Date:    6/21/96 11:01 AM

>The last time Audi touted having mountain bikes the frames were made by 
>Lightspeed and the had Audi decals on 
>them. The bike premiered at an European Auto show two years ago.
OK - I know everyone's probably tired of this subject at this point, but bear 
with me - I promise to sneak in some Q content. . .
I talked to a Litespeed marketing guy (these titanium bikes are built 
locally!) who said that he knew of no current deal to provide bikes to Audi 
and he had no recollection of this ever happening.  However, it sounded as 
if his recollection abilities were only slightly better than mine (lots of 
"ummm...", "duhhh...", etc.), so I'm not saying it never happened.
Since we're on the subject, I desperately need a rack for my '90 CQ. 
Ideally, I would like a full Yakima setup since they seem to have a fit kit 
specifically designed for the roof line punch-out holes on the Coupe.  The 
only thing holding me back is (of course) the $$$.  So, maybe a little 
advice will help to persuade/dissuade me:
1. Does anyone use the Yakima setup on a Coupe?  If so, have any 
problems with the punch-out holes been encountered? (wear, leakage, 
2. I have a full Thule rack from my 4K (rain gutter mounts) which I could
use if I just bought the new Thule towers and stretch kit for 2-door cars, but 
I'm afraid this won't be as stable (the Q sticks, but will the rack?).  I'm also
concerned that the door frame mounts might cause leaks around the
already inadequate window seal.  Has anyone done this?
3. Probably the easiest and most economical option is a removable rear 
carrier that attaches to the hatch.  Anyone see any problems with this?
TIA, and apologies to non-cyclists
Eric Renneisen
1990 CQ
1986 4KS
1993 DB Response