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Re: Maaco, Reliable??

06-20-96  23:30

 Albert Ng <ang@copper.ucs.indiana.edu> asks:

 AN> HI Audi fans,

 AN> I am planning to take my Audi to repaint, but don't know which paint
 AN> shop  in my local area is reliable. A friend of mine recommanded Maaco
 AN> to me; he  said it's a pretty decent paint shop, and it's nation wide.

 AN> Have anyone tired Macco for repaint before? How's their quality?
 AN> Should  I let them to do the repaint job for my Audi?

    Depends on the color. I know of many body shops that
    (thanks eco-nuts) can't afford the equipment to do in
    house painting and farm the work out to Maaco. One
    warning though.....If you want a perfect job, you should
    have the vehicle prepped at a specialized foreign shop
    and then shot (painted) at Maaco. Maaco does a
    beautiful job on the paint (they are independently owned,
    so your observations of the cleanliness are a good sign)
    on cars with "normal" paint. I would, however, advise against
    getting Pearl and similar paint done anywhere except a shop
    that has experience with this type of paint and has a full
    time paint man.

    I'm having my '90 V8Q (pearl) repainted at the dealers
    bodyshop. This was at the request of my friends that own
    competing body shops. They HATE working with this style
    of paint (unless it's a complete repaint..without blending)
    because it's a nightmare to match. Luckily I'm having the
    insurance pick up the tab (vandalism). It's going to
    cost $2800.00.  I'm contemplating using the cash for something
    else on the car...it doesn't look that bad. All this posting
    of "nailpolish" touch up has me thinking.

    I don't think MikeL even noticed it when he saw the car, did


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