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Re: WOW, did she get pissed!

   >you are not alone (and let your wife know she isn't either!)  my wife gets
   >upset about the time downloading, reading and responding to the email
   >(what's 30-60 minute?), then when I drive, she wonders why I never see
   >anything but Audis <vbg>

   Mrs. Mike Loeks here, and I didn't think I was the only one, but it's nice
   to get some reassurance.  Someone should start an Audi spouse support group.
   Not to be sexist, but the majority of you fanatics are guys.  Don't get me
   wrong, I love the Audis, but my word! The time Mike isn't working on the
   cars, he's on the darn computer.  And does he HAVE to read his e-mail the
   very second he walks in the door?  And on his days off, does he HAVE to
   check his e-mail multiple times a day?

Proper etiquette allows time to drop the shoes and socks, and hit up the
'fridge for a cold one (personally, I prefer Coke, but to each his or
her own) first. If one has a pet, it's OK to play with said animal for
awhile (so that said animal does not, for instance, feel the need to
use your legs as a scratching post, your shoes for a chewie, etc...).
I'm not at all clear on where a SUE (Spousal Unit Equivilent) would fit
into the "pet" spectrum . . .

Then again, I do most of my email from "work", so it can be days at a
time between powering up my home system for anything!

                                           Thanks for listening.

That's what we're here for (among other things...).