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Re[2]: Bent Wheel Repair

     True, but not all wheels are made of the same alloy and straightening 
     techniques also vary.  I would think you would have to test your 
     particular wheel after already paying for the repair to be sure of 
     it's strength.  Might as well spring for the new one.
     Tim NJ 90CQ, 77Spitfire

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Subject: RE: Bent  Wheel Repair
Author:  "Duff; Ian" <iduff@charter.com> at Internet
Date:    6/21/96 3:23 PM

Not sure if that's correct. Crap & Drivel (tm) did a long term test of 
the new WMB M3, and bent something like 5 (!!!! hear that, Mike?) 
wheels. They sent one off to a wheel straightening shop, got it fixed, 
then had some metalurgy Einstein have at it. Seems the metal was good, 
not work hardened, not weakened.
Ian Duff, New Bedford, MA, USA
1990 Coupe Quattro 20v
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>Subject: 	Re: Bent  Wheel Repair
>     Personally, I don't trust any type of alloy wheel repair.  Most 
>     are nonresilient.  This means that when they bend, they are 
>     and bending them back only damages and weakens the wheel more. 
>     could be your life if it fails.  Buy a new wheel. 
>     Tim NJ 90CQ, 77Spitfire
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>Subject: Bent  Wheel Repair
>Author:  esw5@cornell.edu (Ernest Wong) at Internet 
>Date:    6/21/96 12:49 PM
>Called Wheel Collision Repair Center in Pa. (they advertise in the back 
>EC mag). Rough quote was from $75-$110 for a straightening (Curvening 
>road already straightened the rim) job. Plus tire needs to be 
>before shipping.
>That's more than the price of a decent 15" alloy. 
>This has me thinking that maybe I should venture into how well a 
>press will be able to push the rim lip back to the plane of the wheel 
>since the repair person didn't mention any heat-treating to retemper 
>aluminum alloy.
>Any thoughts on self repair? Rim lip is pushed out. Wheel doesn't seem 
>be obviously out of round.
>The joys of riding on winter all season tires in the heat of summer. 
>When's the first AA meeting?