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Tranny Shift/Oil Warning

> From: Glenn Kaufman <gkaufman@ftp.com>

> My manual transmission has suddenly become a little notchy and is no longer
> its fluid self.  For the first few miles it seems fine, but then becomes a
> bit notchy.
> Does anyone have any ideas on what could be up?  I have 91K miles on the car
> and have the original clutch.  Thx.

Checked the transmission oil level recently?  Better yet, changed it 
to synthetic gear oil yet?  Both would be good ideas.  The clutch 
should not be a factor.

> From: Stephen Williams <mannlaw@indy.net>

> 	Driving up a hill yesterday, oil temp guage sez about 80 C, when 
> I get 2 [not 3] beeps and the oil temp warning light comes on.  Pressure 
> is fine, level is fine, oil temp guage seems to be working and within 
> range that car is driven all day long.  Has never happened before or since.
> 	Running Mobil 1 syn, changed about 1k ago.

I personally think you are experiencing mid-life hot flashes from 
an erratic temp sensor.  The Oil Warning light on our 200 goes off about 
once a week - but the gauge always shows excellent pressure when it 
happens.  Stroke the dashboard and intone "FINE car, GOOD car, 
AUSGETZEICHNET [sp] car" a few times.  Perhaps that will make the 
sensors and relevant Audi gods happier. 

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