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Kudos for Carlsen!

Sorry for the bandwidth, but I had to give a public round of applause for Linda at Carlsen.

Two weeks ago I broke the front windshield of my GT when I was remounting the seats.  (Recaros 
being higher than the stock seats, I had a bit of an interferece problem when I slid the seat 
forward with the back tilted forwards.)

After getting local quotes from glass installers, and being told that I'd have to settle for 
"American-made replacement quality glass," I called Linda at Carlsen.

She managed to track down the _only_ OEM windshield for a GT in the States!  Not to mention that 
the discount she gives to members of this list allowed me to save $$ even after paying to have the 
thing shipped from CA to Portland, OR.  

But here's the clincher; bear in mind that the retail price for this chunk of glass is $290 . . . 
she had quoted me $270 ($230 windshield & $40 shipping).  As it turns out the shipping was going to 
cost $65, so she dropped her price on the window to $205 to make sure she stayed inside of the 
original price that she gave me!

Normally I wouldn't bother for only $20, but I was order other misc. at the same time so that the 
discount begins to add up. 

This sold me.  She will get all of my dealer parts business from now on.  All disclaimers apply, 
just another overly satisified customer.

'85 Coupe GT
Welches, OR

Gary G. Erickson
Business Solution Integrators, Inc.
503-702-5789       e-mail: erickson@teleport.com