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Headlight Covers

I, too have done the rounds of the headlight cover saga.  I bought some of
the "Wade" formed plastic covers right after I bought my 87 4kcsq.  I soon
discovered that not only do the Audi headlights of that vintage lack in
power and definition, but the lucite clamp-on covers did NOT help the
situation.  In adition to further degrading the pattern, they get dirty
quickly, on three surfaces (outside, inside, and headlight).  

I asked around, and found the acrylic laminate type protectors.  I've had
them for 8 months now, and they are a marked improvement.  They not only
cost less, they look better on the car.  I got mine from Max at AVS, (360)
748-8578, for about $30 (exact amount is lost in the fog).  He sells
pre-cut, ready to apply pieces.  I also saw this material for sale in the
Camping World catalog.  Item number 13115, $19.75 for a 10x16" sheet.  Cut
and apply it yourself.

I find the acrylic to be the better solution.  For those who want to try the
others, I have a pair of the Wade covers you can have for shipping.  Please
email direct.

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