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Re: Synthetic Oil for Manual Transmission

> Subject: Synthetic Oil for Manual Transmission
> Does anyone have any recommendations for manual transmission oil for my 86
> Coupe GT?
> I've seen Redline mentioned in the past but seem to remember some
> controversy about it.  
> Glenn
You can use Mobil 1 gear oil. I just changed mine out from regular Dino oil and
the thing shifts perfect! It use to be really notchy.

Look under oil in  the yellow pages, I think it's under industrial or
lubricating. You'll find a distributor for the oil, ask what gas stations they
sell it to so you can buy two or three quarts. The stuff is $10 a quart, my
tranny took 2 quarts, my rear end took 2 quarts.

Used 75W-90

91 200 TQ
87 5KSQ (for sale)

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