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Audiholics Anonymous, A Confession

Hello, my name is Steve Eiche and I am an Audiholic. 

 It all started about six years ago when I bought an '86 5k.  First it was
just routine maintenance, but it progressed.  Soon I was ordering special
tools and pulling out my high school German dictionary to find out what the
words on the relays meant.  Then a friend offered me an '81 5k that wouldn't
start for $50.  This may seem strange to a non-Audiholic, but it was somehow
calling to me... saying, "Steve, it's just my control pressure regulator and
a few broken wires.  Don't let me die!".  I bought it, repaired it and sold
it for $1000 a couple weeks later.  This is when I first realized I was an
Audiholic.  I needed more and a local Audi dealer was there offering me an
'86 5kCS quattro.  I couldn't resist, it was MINE!

I denied it at first, but who was I hurting?  A timing belt and lifter
replacement one weekend, struts the next.  My friends stopped asking me to do
things with them.  "Oh yeah, your special spark plugs wires are in, I forgot.
 Well, maybe next time.", they'd say.  There would be no next time.

In '92 I moved from WI to CO, I told my family it was the skiing, outdoors
and a better job.  But we know better, don't we?  Colorado has the highest
concentration of quattros in the U.S.!   Heaven!  Now I am the Net with other
"enthusiasts" as we would like to be called, sharing experiences with a
support group we call the "QUATTRO LIST".   (Capitalized for reverence.)
 Thank you Herr Listmeister Dan. 

Now, this story does have a twist.  A couple years ago I met a girl mountain
biking (Had to do something, my stainless brake hoses weren't in.).   She was
remarkably considerate of my "problem", and soon we were engaged to be
married.  Yes, there were hard times.  "You care more about that car than you
do about me!", was heard more than once, but I am getting better with her
help and love.

On July 20 I will be married, I may never be cured of my "problem", but I
will have someone special to share all those non quattro things with that I
never before knew existed.

Sorry about the length of this post, but my therapist thought it might be
helpful for me to share my feelings with other Audiholics.

Ahhhh, I feel sooo much better now.   Oh, better check my e-mail.

Steve Eiche
Lakewood, CO
'82 Not So Ur q