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Re: Having a ball with a joint....

My appologies.  I was thinking the car in question was a Coupe GT - a 4k
derrivative and a very close relative of my Quantum.  Obviously (as
STEADIRIC has pointed out to me) the 5k is an entirely different animal.
The a-arm drop does help on the Quantums if anyone's interested.  

Jeremy R. King	    Auburn University, Alabama, USA
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On Sat, 22 Jun 1996 PDQSHIP@aol.com wrote:

> In a message dated 96-06-21 16:39:59 EDT, you write:
> << Yo, Scott.  What the heck Audi have you been working on?!!  I've taken a
>  friggin crow bar (is that right?  I've never had to spell that before) to
>  that split and no voila.  Had a crow bar on the split with a jack under
>  the brake caliper mount and a five foot cheater trying to pry.  Nothing
>  but frustration.  I'm not saying you're wrong, just lucky.  Taking the
>  a-arms off the subframe is the only thing that has ever worked for me out
>  of the 10 or 15 times I've taken these things apart.  Consider yourself
>  smiled upon (or is it that I'm frowned upon?).  
>   >>
> 5kt/q Jeremy, please read on....
> The primitive pete procedure is as follows (and forbottin by the boys at
> Bentley says mr spiers, tho scott notes that Mr. B prolly figgrd the last
> mechanic used a torque wrench not an air hammer on that retaining bolt):
> Get your disposable screwdriver, not Todd's snap-on
> lightly tap into split in hub
> depending on blade, either pry (don't need much, like 1/16") or tap to split
> Take 5 foot bar (referenced in Bentley no less, doubt there is an audi tool)
>      I use audi tool 02X04 six feet long
> Pry down (as in stand on) bar and it will come out
> NOTE Mike:  that 10.9 bolt uses a nylon ringed locking nut
> I assure you Jeremy, given the number of cars and number of times I've done
> this procedure, it ain't luck....  And if you look at the procedure in Mr.
> Bentley, there is NO reference to the pull of the control arm first.
>  Thinking on this further, there is no a-arm on an 87 5ktq, so to do your
> recommended method would require:  removing sway bar, brake caliper, abs
> sensor, tie rod end and driveshaft to give enough room to pull the CONTOL-arm
> out of the subframe....  Hmmmmm, hardly smiling after that.......
> Scott