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Re: Water pump, '87 5kcst

On Jun 24,  8:58am, Jerry Fields wrote:
> Subject: Water pump, '87 5kcst
> The water pump in my '87 5KCST has developed a major leak. Anyone come
> across a good price on a pump in the recent past? Any particular problems
> or advice in replacing this pump? Any info/advice appreciated!

	As it happens, I'm half-way through the job right now, though
	I'm doing the water pump as an aside to timing belt replacement.

	I believe you can do the water pump alone without any special
	tools, but you do have to remove a lot of stuff just for
	access (all the other belts, the hydraulic pump, bumper,
	grille and intercooler). If you don't encounter any major hitches,
	it will probably take 3-4 hours -- very little of it actually
	removing and replacing the pump itself.

	I got my replacement pump (Beck and Arnley) for $44.00 -- I think
	I could have got one for about $10.00 less, but this store
	was closer. I was quoted up to $80, so shop around.

	Good luck, and send me e-mail if you have any questions.


	PS: Both the water pump and the timing belt looked in good
	condition -- oh well ..

	'85 5KT (124K miles)
	'91 200Q (43K miles)
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