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4KCSQ suspension questions

Fellow Q-listers,

After a cruel, hard winter, the suspension on my 87 4KCSQ is in need of some
attention.  Yeh, I know winter's long gone, but better late than never...

It looks like I need a right front control arm -- I think I remember that crater
(I mean pothole) I drove into. :(  Good thing I had the old wheels on the car.
Anyway, what would you consider a fair price for a used control arm, considering
a new one from the dealer is about $200 inc. bushings.

Also noticed on the right rear that one of the two bolts holding the ball joint
to the strut housing broke off flush w/ the strut housing.  Argh.  This has me
worried since I don't know an easy (or hard) way to extract the bolt.  Any

Finally, what size socket do you need for the axle nut?  I think it's 32mm, but
I'm not 100% sure.

Mark Hilbush
Baltimore, MD
87 4KCSQ