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Getting ready to take in the 5KCSTQ for an alignment and am looking for some
insight into alignments for Quattros.  I've been getting really varied
estimates from $49 to $99.  The $99 place (Tires Plus) says the have a Hunter
machine and the Quattro classifies as and 'exotic' car for them, hence the
high price.  The $49 place happens to be the dealer which says they just got
the new machine (Hunter also) required to do the work on A6's.  They say it's
an Audi recommended machine.  Anybody with any experience one way or the
other?  Not afraid to spend some money on the alignment as long as I know
it's worth it...

Also anybody ever have tires 'trued'?  My tires are very noisy (I think there
worn unevenly, hence the alignment) but seem to have good tread left and
pretty good handling (Continentals).  If there weren't as much tread left,
I'd just replace 'em.  Any thoughts or comments?


Ed Kellock
87 CGT 2.3