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Re: Stuttering 4KSQ....

tcandey@usr.com wrote:
>      While it's stuttereing, do you see an unusual amount of black smoke?
>      If so, you may want to check the coil. Sounds to me like what I went
>      through with my 4ksq.
>      Todd Candey
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> Subject: Stuttering 4KSQ....
> Author:  Lorens Kulla <lorens@polaris.mindport.net> at ~internet
> Date:    6/21/96 07:12 PM
> Can anyone help with a problem I just started having with my '85 4ksq.
> It idles fine but when you give it anything more than part throttle. It
> runs like it is on the limiter. Just started the other day, revs to
> around 4k/rpm at light throttle then bang, stutter. Idles fine, if you
> squeeze the throttle hard at idle it sounds as though it is choking.
> Will sustaian around 2500 rippems in that state. Thanks in advance. Hate
> having to drive the Bertone ;-). Miss my Q.
>                                                 Lorens
> No black smoke at all.  Just the stuttering. Happened again today. Seems 
like it would never happen if I didn't spin the engine to redline. 
Happens first during full throttle acceleration in first gear. If I shut 
the car down, then restart, I can get away without trouble with part 
throttle. Should I be checking fuel or spark?
85 4ksq (soon to be repaired)
86 Bertone
95 LHS