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Gee whiz!! Look what I found in my mailbox this afternoon:

>>Sheffield Corey,SHEF@omdc.gso.uri.edu,Internet writes:
>> Now you probably have to pay big bucks to some
>>overpaid, undereducated high school drop-out to do the same thing. My
>>to underpaid overeducated high school and university graduated mechanics who
>>not find gainful employment in their respective fields of study;

>Some people who drop out from high school can make very good practicaly
>minded and intelligent Mechanics in both diagnostics and R+R. JUst because
>you have a degree doesn't make you a good mechanic or worth any more. Get off
>your high horse and treat people with a bit of common courtesy and grow up a
>bit (or are you still in primary school). I doubt anyone is paid more than
>there worth, if there good there paid good, if there bad they probably don't
>have a job. Catagorising people like you have is just plain not nice. How
>about being nice and apologizing for those offended.
>Paul C.

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        It would appear I have offended one of our brothers down-under. TOO
BAD, Paul! First of all, I have no intention of apologizing for my personal
opinion of the generation "X" high school drop-out mechanics here in MY part of
the world. Maybe down in Ozzie things are different, but based on the
characters from the Australian comedy show "BINGLES" (garage), that airs on our
PBS, I'd say they aren't. Here in the States 20% of our high school graduates
from generation "X" fall into the catagory of "functional illiterate". Now
imagine what catagory MOST of our drop-outs fall into. If you gave one of these
people, posing as a mechanic, a Bentleys they wouldn't be able to read it, much
less care. In this "neck of the woods" MATE, it takes a while to find a decent
mechanic that isn't a "rip-off" artist, and the few I've found that care about
the work they perform on my car, and their reputations, are not drop-outs.

        And as for the subject of "SEFFIELDS IGNORANCE" that's S"H"EFFIELD, and
if you are implying that the ignorance is mine it would be "SHEFFIELD'S
IGNORANCE". I don't think the english language used there is that much
different than the english that we use. With this in mind, the contraction for
"they are" is "they're", not "there". I'm not going to touch "practicaly
minded"...oh, alright I'll bite...how many does it take to get a "minded"

        Sorry Gang, I normally wouldn't air this on the forum, but it was
presented here. And to you, Paul; I only have two words: "NIGHT SCHOOL".

        Now for some Audi content! From yesterday's Providence Sunday Journal:

Audi: 1992, 100CS Quattro, rare 5-speed, all papers. Silver with leather
      interior $17,500. 401-885-4656

Audi: 1991 200 Quattro. Pearl white. Like new. Now $12,900. Mattie Imports

Audi: 1993 S4 Sedan, Turbo Charged Executive Car, 46,000 hwy. mi. 227 b.h.p 5
      speed, Dark Green metallic with Ekru(sic) leather. Absolutely all features
      including: climate control, cellular telephone with hand free voice
      recognition. Bose system with 10 disk changer. Perfect condition. $31,450

All the usual disclaimers apply; I've seen none of these cars and I'm out of
the country as of tomorrow so I can't check 'em for anyone.

                                                Happy motoring,


P.S. Paul, you are entitled to your personal opinion also; so I have no
intention of asking you for an apology.