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Re: S6 brake warning light (update)

>From: Steve Powers <spowers@spdg.COM>
>Date: Mon, 24 Jun 1996 10:44:25 -0700
>Subject: S6 brake warning light (update)
>I took the S6 wagon into the dealer last Friday to have a couple of
>things checked out. In particular, the brake warning light didn't
>go out immediately when I released the handbrake. Sometimes it would,
>but often it wouldn't. It would go out after a couple of brake
>applications, though.
>The verdict was that the pressure accumulator (bomb!) has a small
>leak. They tested it and said it needs replacing. They didn't have
>the part, but it is being air shipped today and should be here
>tomorrow. Meanwhile, the car is okay to drive until the new one
>gets installed. (brakes won't fail but could get awfully hard to
>The service advisor claimed that this was the first S6 he'd seen
>with this problem. He also said that the new part was over $600
>and that I should be happy about the warranty replacement.
>Ed? Chris? One of you mentioned having the same symptoms. Probably
>want to have it looked at pronto...
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>steve powers                         stratos product development group
>spowers@spdg.com                     seattle, washington

Thanks, Steve.  I will get it looked at during the 15k service, which
is RSN the way things are going for me lately.

BTW, what's the pressure accumulator, and what doe sit have to do with
the hand brake?  And what does the presence of the parenthesized word
"bomb!" in your note mean?

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