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Re: Oil Article

Excuse ME !

But do you really think that synthetic oil would have prevented this from 

On Mon, 24 Jun 1996, "W. Erskine" <cbwde@digital.net> wrote:
>billfree@interlynx.net wrote:
>> To Al
>> If synthetics are all that superior, why am I able to run my 5ktq for 280,000
>> miles and not yet burn any visible oil. This car has been driven,as see a car 
>> this class was designed to be driven. Red line is not something new to this 
>> even today. It looks great, not just to me but nearly everyone who sees it. I 
>> not tell everyone how far this car has traveled . This car will remain in my
>> collection for a long time. As a side note it is an Avant.
>> BTW
>> I am condsidering selling my 1990 200 tq , full leather, pearl white, white
>> wheels, 110,00 miles mint shape. Asking $  11,000. I am ordering new A8.
>> Bill
>> On Mon, 24 Jun 1996, "Al Powell" <APOWELL@agcom.tamu.edu> wrote:
>> >I read the post about Consumer Reports' article on oils - which I
>> >HAVE read.  They said (paraphrased) that synthetics may be of benefit
>> >for cars engines used in heavy or extreme service.
>> >
>> >I suggest to you folks that ANY vehicle with a turbocharger
>> >automatically qualifies.  The heat and demands of a turbo are such
>> >that IMO (and it ain't Humble in this respect) that running anything
>> >but a synthetic in a turbo engine is UNwise!!
>> >
>> >Unfortunately, I think that the conservative nature of the Consumer
>> >Reports folks will discourage many people who should be using
>> >synthetics from doing so.
>> >
>> >Says the infallibleleler, uh, infallibbbble, duh, infallible moi......
>> >
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>> >Shure would have been nice if consumer reports published the actual wear 
>data.  I tell you after replacing my turbo due to a siezure caused by 
>oil coke build up behind the exhast turbin (caused by minute scratch in 
>shaft under seal) i would not use anything but synthetic in a turbo