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Re: Oil Article

At 06:48 PM 6/24/96 CDT, you wrote:

Wasn't Consumer Reports the same people that said Nu Finish was a good WAX...


>> From:          billfree@interlynx.net
>> If synthetics are all that superior, why am I able to run my 5ktq for
>> miles and not yet burn any visible oil. This car has been driven,as see a
car of 
>> this class was designed to be driven. Red line is not something new to
this car 
>> even today. It looks great, not just to me but nearly everyone who sees
it. I do 
>> not tell everyone how far this car has traveled . This car will remain in my 
>> collection for a long time. As a side note it is an Avant.
>Hey Bill, congrats on a truly fine  service record.  It must reflect 
>a person who is careful about taking care of his machinery.  That's 
>the reason it doesn't use any oil...and let's all admit, a bit of 
>good fortune in having parts which came out of the bins without 
>flaws sure helps a lot!
>No one here (and not Moi) said that conventional oils are not very 
>good.  They are.  They have improved by leaps since just the 60's.  
>However, synthetics are superior in a number of ways.  Since your 
>car is turbocharged, I think you have had exceptional service from a 
>vehicle running petroleum oil.  
>Let's face it: engine longevity is a CRAPSHOOT.  You can do superb 
>maintenance and have wonderful service like you report, but your 
>neighbor could do the same thing to the same car and have parts fail 
>from hairline casting cracks or machining errors.  Who knows why the 
>bearings in one car have that little bit better fit than the next 
>one?  I don't.  I do know that when a guy takes care of his car as 
>you must have, he gets maximum mileage from what's there.
>You see, the tough part about convincing many people about synthetics 
>is that when they work, nothing happens!  The car just runs - like 
>yours has.  Unless something spectacular happens like losing an oil 
>pan plug or dumping the water in an emergency when you can't stop 
>driving...and then finding your engine is intact when common sense 
>says it shouldn't be -  there's little opportunity to provide direct 
>evidence of its superior protection.
>But **I believe**.  And the fact that since I started using synthetics in 
>1977, NO vehicle I've used synthetic oil in has had any lubricated 
>part fail, has helped to make me a believer.
>I hope your car continues to have the wonderful service record for 
>years to come!
>> BTW
>> I am condsidering selling my 1990 200 tq , full leather, pearl white, white 
>> wheels, 110,00 miles mint shape. Asking $  11,000. I am ordering new A8.
>I'd love to have it!  Unfortunately, I haven't worn out my 1990 200 
>yet at 80K miles!  And sine I'm running synthetic, I'm sure we'll get 
>tired of it and trade into another Audi long before it wears out!
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