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bogus mechanics (was RE: SEFFIELDS IGNORANCE)

Sheffield Corey wrote:

>it takes a while to find a decent mechanic that isn't a "rip-off" artist

I'll second that!!!  I lived at my present address for roughly 2.5 years and
have I think that I have JUST NOW finally found a decent mechanic that I trust.

A couple months back, I was looking to get my A/C checked out; it was dead
by the end of last summer.  I took my 90 to a shop that specializes in, or
so they advertise, A/C repair.  After looking at my car for about 6 or 7
MINUTES they told me that I needed a new condensor, and both high and low
pressure lines which was going to cost me around $1500!  

Here's an actual line the guy used trying to explain the $890 "Audi list
price" of the condensor he quoted: "...it's made out of some special
material...some sort of matrix composite...".  I then said "...LATER!!!" and
got out of the friggin' place.  Audi list is only around $600 (which is
still quite ridiculous) and I could mail order one for less than $350...

My present mechanic told me that my A/C has a very slight leak coming from
the infamous manifold gasket on the compressor...heck, he even showed it to
me.  I think I trust this guy...

On a similar note, a female friend of mine was ALMOST taken by some good
'ole boys at some shop for about $1000 to fix her starting problem.  They
told her that she needed a new ring gear and starter motor when the problem
was only the solenoid.  Luckily, she got a second opinion.

1988 90

"That rattling sound you're hearing from underneath your car isn't a worn
cat but bad muffler bearings...It'll run you about...oh...$750 to fix...."