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Re: New A4 color

>I've been looking for a second Audi lately.  Something like
>a 93 90 seemed right.  But I'm not getting very excited
>by anything I've seen.  And then, there it was .... on the
>pedestal at the most visibile corner of the dealership...
>an electic neon yellow A4.  I mean yellow that doesn't come
>in any can of paint I've seen.
>So now I have to rationalize why a nice color is worth 
>$15k over a used '93....

The color is called Brilliant Yellow.  It is part of Audi's new
'lifestyle' colors.  Did the car have black leather with BBS
wheels?  If so, I've seen one in Minneapolis at the dealer.  FWIW,
my homepage title graphic has a picture of the yellow A4Q.



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