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Re: Hillclimb Revisited

In a message dated 96-06-24 10:45:50 EDT, Paul wrote:

>PPS: I saw a very nice 1984 QTC, white with 107K miles, in North Conway
> for sale...no price..but phone is 508-263-1070

And Bob added:

"That TQC was REAL pretty, but the repaint was kinda crappy. He was asking 
$8500, but I think it was sold by the end of sunday."

I don't know if they sold the TQC at Mt Washington, but I took a minute to
look it over and pick up their list of repaired/replaced items. Why is it all
TQC owners keep these lists close by?, Sigh...

They bought it in Dec '88 and have since replaced....
LF window motor.
Rear exhaust.
Fuel pump.
Front exhaust.
Clutch Slave Cyl
RF window motor.
Clutch master cyl.
Control arm bushes.
Da bomb.
Front brake discs and pads.

The above list is just major repairs and does not include tune-up tyoe odds
'n' ends.

I noticed this car had the late style dash, but didn't have time to get the
VIN# or build date. 

The owners info is:
Neil McHugh
Days 508-263-0467
Eves 508-263-1070

Lest I give the wrong impression, I've never worked on this car, nor
inspected it mechanically. All info was copied from his data sheet.

-Chris Semple
Concord, NH
     '87 4000csq
          '84 4000sq
               '83 TQC