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Re: S6 brake warning light (update)

Tim asks:
> > I took the S6 wagon into the dealer last Friday to have a couple of
> > things checked out. In particular, the brake warning light didn't
> > go out immediately when I released the handbrake. Sometimes it would,
> > but often it wouldn't. It would go out after a couple of brake
> > applications, though.
> >
> > The verdict was that the pressure accumulator (bomb!) has a small
> > leak.
> > He also said that the new part was over $600
> > and that I should be happy about the warranty replacement.
> I have a 92 S4 which I am experiencing the same problems of the brake light
> remaining on for about a minute after startup.   If the pressure accumulator
> was to have a small leak, would I notice a loss of brake fluid.   I have not
> noticed the loss in fluid.   Is this a common problem with Audi's?

the pressure accumulator is a booster and works somewhat independently
of the brake system. the pressure accumulator uses engine vacuum to
work. so when it leaks, it leaks vacuum, not fluid.

I see no fluid leakage either. If it was fluid leakage, I wouldn't still
be driving it.

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