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Audi Widows et al

   I leave it to you listers to decide whether the soon to be profiled
individual is a fanatic/obsessive or just another brethren whose had to
many buttons pushed. 
  From The Canadian Paper Globe & Mail 6/25/96 
   " A judge who skipped court to oversee repairs to his luxury Audi
automobile should be fired, the Manitoba Judicial Council was told
yesterday after finding him guilty of 7 counts of professional
misconduct........The judges decision to miss court on 6/2 when he received
an unexpected $700 auto repair bill shows that he 'has no understanding of
the obligations of the judicial office'...The judge said no loaner car was
available to get him back to court...the judge also indicated that he 'had
gone ballistic and become hysterical' after a mechanic broke off part of
the cars' corroded radiator, adding he was so upset that the lawyers would
not have wanted him to return to court.   The same day, Judge Corrin had
made disparaging public remarks about a senior crown attorney who had
complained about his absence from court.  (see he's not really crazy after