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Re: Not that BOSE thing again....

The 90 V8 (US at least) has 4 locations for speakers, though each location may have more 
than one transducer in it.  The left dash has no speaker under the grill.  The right 
dash has a regular speaker used by the phone only.

On Tue, 25 Jun 1996, Michael LaRosa <76761.1444@CompuServe.COM> wrote:
>Actually I have a question/observation.....
>If you all remember when we went thru this a 
>few month's back.  I reported I did have a speaker
>in my right front dash loaction.  This is on a 1990 
>V8 with AUDI/BOSE stereo.  
>Well I finally got to the Cellular phone section of the
>factory manual and it states a dash speaker is used
>for the cellular speaker output when talking hands free....
>HHmmmmmmm, I wonder if that's what I saw when I reported
>that I did in fact have six speakers instead of the 4 some 
>V8 owners reported.....  I'll have to poke around again.... :-(
>Mike L.
>89 100 Avant (with new A/C clutch, happy wife, and happy husband who 
>                          now has his V8 back after the wife stole it.... :-)
>90 V8
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