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Rad Fan Revelations

Hi all,

Seems I made the assumption that since my '79 Fox would run its rad fan 
when needed after the ign was shut off that our '86 5OOOS would follow 
suit... nope!  Thanks to Jeff Goggin, Fred DeRoos, and Steve Buchholz, I 
now have a little insight into this subject :)  Apparently, the 5OOO's 
didn't have this feature until post-1/86 build dates (ours is an 11/85).  
The fact was raised that running the fan w/o a turning water pump simply 
cools the rad, nuthin' else (Turbo's can have an aux electric wp for said 
turbo on shut-down, so the rad fan is useful for this app).  So I'm 
curious... was the Fox set-up more effective/necessary due to its smaller 
cooling system size?  And what would be the reason behind the design 
change at 1/86 for the 5OOO?

I don't think I'll mess with changing how our's is set-up, NBDF (Not 
Broke, Don't Fix), unless some new info comes to light...

Karl K.      '79 Fox  144k mi
Mesa, AZ     '86 5OOOS  131k mi