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Re: Audi Engines

> > I5 2.2/2.2T 2226cc
> 	I believe that's 2144 cc for the turbo and 2226 for the NA -- I
> 	also think there's a small variation between engine codes.

Actually, I think that the cc's depended on the year, not the turbo/N/A.  My
(her) '84 has the smaller of the two 2.2's, while my '87 has the larger 2.2L.
 I'm fairly sure that after '84 the larger 2.2L was used in both N/A and turbo
app's (same cc's but different motors,) but in '87 sometime the 2.3L came out &
was used in the N/A 5k's while the big (relatively) 2.2L stayed as the turbo
motor (MC engine code.)

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