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TQC garage sale

   Well I have been delighted to see asking prices for nice TQC's going up
in the latest Autoweeks etc, there are certain specimens that do not carry
such lofty prices for obvious reasons.  I have such a beast for sale. 
     DISCLAIMER this is my car and I have a substantive financial interest
in selling it! 
     1983 Blue with beige leather interior 200K miles 
     Body is rough, not hit but some surface rust w/cancer on trunk 
     bottom oil cooler and radiator shrouds gone 
     A/C inoperable 
     pass window regulator toast (surprise) 
     Crunch in drivers door like it was closed on some tool                
cracked passenger side tailight  
     drivers seat severely cracked & peeled though support is great 
     car came with 15X6 Ronals of 2 different colors 
     radio trash 
     Car runs well and interior looks very good save the drivers seat 
     no dash cracks and carpet looks like that on my 40K TQC 
     All gauges and electrical seem to work, updated fuse box  
     Repairs and receipts in the last 15K miles 
     Borla Stainless Exh cat back               $1,200 
     Rebuilt turbo                                      $  650 
     Clutch MC                                              125 
     Door handles                                          120 
     PS hose                                                  60 
     Both R Brake cables                               100 
     Drive shaft                                             800 
     Upper rad hose                                       30  
     Rear diff actuator                                    100 
     Oil cooler hoses                                       250  
     New CIS hoses 
You get the idea.  I'm asking $4,200 for the car and can work in the
following items for consideration 
      Rebuilt front calipers  (though the ones on the car seem very good) 
       set 15X7 BBS lattice type with rubber 
       set 15X8 Ronals you know the ones! with rubber 
       Rear wing, OEM piston rings, silver decal set 
       Custom light weight"010" over pistons with rings pins and           
 balanced  crank          
       12+ year old (NEW) NOS K24 turbo for 4 cylinder app 
     Items can go individually but would rather have them go with the car
where applicable.  Car is in Souther N.H. 50 minutes from Boston.  A parts
dealer we all know said mid 3K is right ball park for him to buy and part
out.  My mechanic will go $100 over parts guy final bid, (you can figure
out my baseline).  I would like to see car kept together.  Please call or
email me if you can offer a home to this car or need more honest details
from a fellow Audi enthusiast. 
Mike Del Tergo d 212-596-1675  E 203-625-8374