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Re: avus engine

Eliot Lim writes:
> the AVUS never had a real engine.  it was a wooden mock up of a W12.
> i don't consider that to be an engine.  i don't know if the AVUS
> even had a fully implemented drivetrain aside from the engine.

The Avus as first shown in the Tokyo Motor Show may have a mock
up W12 engine, but I think a real W12 was actually built.

one of the pre-production A8 "ASF (Audi Space Frame) concept"
cars was equipped with the W12.  I remember seeing a magazine
photo of that particular car (all finished in polished aluminum)
with its hood open, and what lurks in there was definitely
not the V8... it had lots of shiny and polished cast ducting
running around.

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