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Re: Audi Subsidized Leases (fwd)

Dan Simoes wrote:
> Subject: Audi Subsidized Leases
> I am in the market for a new Audi A6 Quattro and want to get a fair deal.  I
> believe
> the best negotiating stance is to have information with you when you
> negotiate
> a deal.  I'm considering leasing the Audi.
> Does Audi offer subsidized leases?  What are the details?  If not, does
> anyone
> know of plans that Audi has to offer subsidized leases in the future?

I leased an A6Q from VCI (Volkswagon Credit, Inc.) last year, in August. 
 It was not a subsidized lease, as far as I know Audi has not and 
probably will not ever offer a subsidized lease on any Quattro model.  
They are in enough demand, especially now, that they really have no 
reason to.
> Also, does Audi offer a single-payment lease where the consumer can make one
> up-front payment and then have the car for 3 years?

They may offer this, I know you can get out of their leases without a lot 
of problems, I think they negotiate quite a bit on these kinds of things.
> If anyone has specific details regarding this, the information would be
> appreciated.
> Information I'm interested in includes:  How much below the dealer invoice
> price is the
> cap cost for a subsidized lease car?  How much above the 49% residual value
> is a subsidized lease's residual value?  What is the money factor for an
> Audi
> subsidized lease?
> I paid $33,600 ($37,000 sticker) for my A6Q, 5 speed, all the goodies.  
They quoted $19,900 as the residual after a 3 year/36,000 mile lease, 
about 59%, I think that was a fairly good residual.  They included the 
taxes and such in the lease, so with all that and the residual, the 
money cost factor worked out to about 7.5%, pretty good.

IMO - A subsidized lease is not the best deal, unless you are ABSOLUTELY 
positive you will want to give it back at the end of the lease term.  You 
won't have much of a choice, financially, the car won't be worth any 
where near the residual.  If they give you a fair residual, the chance 
that you can buy the car from them and sell it yourself for more than you 
paid, is pretty good.  I have a lot of confidence that mine will be worth 
more than $19,900 at the end of the lease.  Plus, I may want to keep it 
and pass it down in the family, a subsidized lease wouldn't allow that.

Hope the above helps, I did a lot of research before I leased, and I 
decided it was a good deal, if you do it right.  Oh, one other thought, 
if you do get a subsidized lease (meaning you WILL give the car back) you 
are assuming that they will have some kind of subsidized lease available 
three years from now, otherwise you won't be getting into a comparable 
replacement car for the same money, meaning a downgrade (ick!).  I 
wouldn't take that bet.

Rusty Schlacke
 '95 A6Q emerald mica/ecru leather/5 speed/bose