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Re: brake Drain

Hairy green toads from Mars made Al Powell say:

> > From: Chris Newbold <cnewbold@eznet.net>
> > 
> > Would it be reasonable for me to attempt to flush my brake
> > system, given some fluid, the right sized wrench, some
> > tube and a container, the spare-tire jack and some
> > mechanical inclination?

> I think you can do it yourself - BUT - not unless you add two 
> jackstands so that you can put your body under the car safely.  DO 
> NOT - I say again - DO NOT - attempt to do work under the car while 
> it's on the jack.  Actually, if you can borrow jackstands and get all 
> four corners up at the same time, it will go faster.

Amen. Never work under a car being held up by a jack.

> Also - if you don't know how to do this, post again asking for a 
> specific procedure.  (Or check the archives - seems this has been 
> discussed not too long ago...) I've always reqruited an assistant to 
> do the brake pumping for me, so I can open and close the bleeder 
> valve under the car.  Call me old fashioned....

Imparts sells a nice "1-person" brake bleeder kit that a friend
bought and loves. It's a little hand pump with a pressure gauge
and some hose to connect it. He says it cuts his bleed time in half.


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