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RE: 200tq boost...

>My 200tq20v sees between 0.3-1.5 bar boost, but I have been told that
>the boost should go up to 1.8 bar if you "nail" the throttle between
>2000--3000 RPM (according to Bentley manual).  I'm still trying to
>debug my problem.  It is either a vacuum leak or a leak in one of the
>hoses coming off of the turbo.
Yours is a 20 valve engine, right?
>John Mallick
>'91 200tq20v  97Kmi

Yes - I have the 20v - or so it says on the spark plug cover. Never seen
more than 1.4 boost. Tried a long steep hill last night - hit it at 2000
in 5th, held throttle wide open for about 1/2 mile - speed increased
from 50 to 75, rpms to 3k, but boost never got over 1.3. Have received
lots of Email saying boost should be 1.8. 
Guess I'll have to look for a vacuum leak also. Is one possibility that
as the cars get more mileage on them, the waste gate spring gets weaker
and does not allow the higher boost??
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>You wrote...
>Being fairly new to this list, I hope this has not been covered too many
>times before. Couldn't find anything in the archives.
>I recently purchased a 91 200Q - 73k mi and looks like new. There is a
>loud pop in the radio when the A/C cycles. I know that Audi has a kit
>for ~$120US to fix this. Looks to me like the kit just puts a xener
>diode across the leads and replaces the relay. 
>Has anyone had any success fixing this any other way? Like maybe just
>putting a large capacitor between the power and ground? Could do this
>for under $5.
>Also curious how much boost I should be seeing. Varies between .2 and
>1.4. The car recently had a vacuum leak repaired that limited the boost
>to 1.3 and also greatly flattened the boost curve. Any "easy" ways to
>gain additional boost?