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Porsche lists

The information about Porschephiles is no longer accurate.  The
Porschephiles list is defunct, and nobody seems to know if it's coming back
or not.  The listmeister, Stan Hanks, has had some adverse occurrences in
his life lately, the latest of which seems to have been the Porschephiles
machine, tta.com.  In fact, none of the quoted web pages that were located
on tta.com are currently available.

There is a recent replacement list for Porsche afictionados, PorscheFans.  
Following is the information about that list:

> Welcome to PorscheFans!  For an easy way to join, leave, etc. a list, visit 
> the PorscheFans web site at http:/www.ioio.com/PorscheFans.  If you 
> have any questions, post a message to a list, and ask that you get a reply 
> via e-mail.  DO NOT send questions to the listmaster!
> If there are list errors or you have administrative problem with a list, 
> you can send an e-mail to listmaster@ioio.com.  Please include the list 
> you are having a problem with, and a detailed explanation.
> The following PorscheFans lists are available:
>     PorscheFans-356
>     PorscheFans-911
>     PorscheFans-914
>     PorscheFans-924-944
>     PorscheFans-928
> To join any of these lists, send an email message to 
> PorscheFans-Request@ioio.com with the body:
>     join <name-of-list>
> For example:
>     join PorscheFans-356
> To join all the lists, send an e-mail message to PorscheFans-
> Request@ioio.com with this in the 
> body of the message:
>     join PorscheFans-356
>     join PorscheFans-911
>     join PorscheFans-914
>     join PorscheFans-924-944
>     join PorscheFans-928
> To get a daily digest of a list, send an email message to PorscheFans-
> Request@ioio.com with the 
> body (NOTE: do not JOIN and DIGEST the same list, or you get everything 
> twice):
>     digest <name-of-list>

There's more, but you'll get it all if you join PorscheFans.  One of the
principals is Pete Albrecht, well known as a contributor to Porschephiles
as well as to various Porsche-related print publications.

If you're into Porsches, join us.

--Walt Thode