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Re: Street race

>>I have absolutely no idea which car would win in a race there are a 
>>LOT of factors, wind, rain, gear ratios, torque, HP, etc. the liters
>>tell you nothing when it comes to racing!!  hell, my 2.2 i-5 beat
>>a Camaro RS+ off the line, and he never caught up till the red light!
>>I also kept right up with a 95 Z28 camaro (auto on the camaro) the only 
>>thing that saved me was i have a stick. I have beat
>>several mustangs in 
>>this car also, keep in mind this is a 10valve non-turbo with
>>I beat one 5.0, never raced any others, and a Toyota Tercal,
>>I also kept a dead lock with my friend's RX-7. Street Racing: illegal
>>Hell, illegal just makes it more fun, hope this helps you somewhat.

>Well ummm... no offense intended here, but I think the Z28 and 5.0
>were humoring you.  My 4kCSQ has the 2.2 I-5 with only 94k on the
>clock, and I'm sure it is slightly lighter than a 5000.  If I were
>to race a new Z28 or 5.0, I know for a fact that I'd get my a$$
>kicked and then some!  ;)  My 86 Merkur XR4ti (auto) would kick

I would have to agree with Darin on this one.  In spite of the overall
cars, the 5.0 and Z28 are both, I hate to say it..., superior in terms
of horsepower and torque vs. a 5k with a 2.2.  Even if the Z28 and 5.0 
were equiped with auto trannys the 5k 2.2 wouldn't stand a chance off
the line if the individual driving the 5.0 or Z28 really wanted to drag...