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Thought I'd throw in my .02 worth on mechanics in the DC area.
My V8 has been mostly worked on at HBL...in fact, as some of you may
recall, my ex- brother in law is the Director of Service.  They also worked
on my 200 a few years back....

Generally a good place...except for V8's....they have only one mechanic that has
been trained on them, and while he seems to look for ways to save you $, I
am pretty
sure I ended up replacing a lot of things that weren't really bad (I spent
quite a bit of
time and $ chasing down an oil leak....)

They did great work on my 200 as well as my benz.  If you go there, drop me a
message or call my office (301)918-0090 x 12.  I'll call my ex bil, John

Just had my V8 at Heishman's for the diff shudder and ABS sensor...They did
a good job
overall, but forgot to call me to say it was done (they called after a
week....are you
going to pick it up????)  Not a biggy since I was riding my bike mostly
(which is why
I didn't call them), just struck me as a little sloppy.  BTW, the owner of
the dealership,
Mr Heishman drove a V8...I almost bought it last year...I figured if the
cheese drove
one, they must surely know V8's.  To their credit, they honestly said they
don't know
a whole bunch.

I am going to try Tischer next.

Given the $ dropped in the past 3 months ($5000 or so), I'm going to start
putting my repairs out to bid  ;-)

Mark Hogan
Bethesda, MD
90 V8
88 Trooper II 4wd
94 GMC Safari awd
89 BMW K1 (euro)