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Correct ID of 200 trubo quattro

Please excuse the new 91 200 turbo quattro owner question. The salesman
(he had been selling Audi's for a long time) told me that all 200
Quattros are turbos. Seemed a pet peeve of his that people refered to
them as "Turbo Quattro's". Is the correct (for this group anyway) way to
id one 200TQ or just 200Q? Is the 20v necessary or are they all 20v? The
TQ seems redundant if what the salesman said is true. Or is it that
maybe just all 91 200Q's are turbos and the prior years are not?

Mike Miller
Bonney Lake, WA.
91 200Q (Pearl) mine
91 Caprice Classic (maroon) wifes 
87 GMC Jimmy, wifes - for sale (now that we have a "real" 4wd !!!!! )
81 4k 5+5 (blue) - parting
81 4k 5+5 (white) 200k mi - for sale
74 F350 Camper Special with 10 ft camper.