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RE: Street race

Our(dads) 1970 Porsche 911T is surprisingly a decent snow car. It stops
very well but the rear end is very happy!  When it is pushed a little to
hard there is no stopping that pendulum from from swinging around.  Quite
amusing however.  It will  get moving okay in the snow but nothing
compared to the Q with the Blizzaks!

Brendan Rudack			rudack@ucsub.Colorado.EDU
88' 90Q
Boulder, Colorado 

On Thu, 27 Jun 1996, Peter Henriksen wrote:

> I've always wondered how 911s do on low-traction surfaces. With all that
> weight over the driven wheels... Anybody know?
> - peter
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> >   Well, I think on snow or ice, the Q cars are Ferrari eaters! <G>.
> >
> >On snow or ice, urabuS's are Porshe/Ferrari/etc. eaters!
> >
> >I used to quite enjoy the first coupla snows of the season; I would go
> >out Porsche-hunting in my little urabuS (which couldn't get out of its
> >own way if it jumped off of a cliff! the only car I've ever been in
> >which the 85mph speedo was wildly optimistic . . .); boy those folks
> >really hated being passed like they were standing still (when they
> >weren't sliding backwards down the hill they were trying to climb)!
> >
> >Not to mention being great parts-getter cars (you know, for those oc-
> >casions when your "real" car needed another infu$ion . . .). Boringly
> >reliable, they were.
> >
> >					-RDH
> >