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Re: S4/S6 vs. 200TQ 20V

>      The 200TQ 20V has no stinkin' badges, and has superior (according to 
>      Audi) UFO front disk setup. This is, of course, a matter of some 
>      debate. 
>      But the major advantage of the 200TQ 20V was that 257 wagons were 
>      imported here, representing the ultimate skier's car. Talk about 
>      paying a premium over blue book, in ski country, in winter, during a 
>      snow storm. The dealer saw me coming...
I just picked my 91 200 TQ sedan for the no-bargin price of $13,600. That's what
she was asking, and that's what I paid. It has a 2 month old JVC 12 disc CD
changer in it also. However, it does have 86K on the clock. 

My brother picked it up from New Mexico on Wednesday, I got my first email last
night, I thought I would share it with everybody. He doesn't know much about the
car, but does know quite a bit about cars, use to be a BMW freak until he had
kids, now a Honda and SUV kind of guy.

Looks like my sight unseen crap shoot worked out O.K.!

> Hi Paul,
> Let me tell you, it's a beut!  It's a firm ride (loosened up a bit about 100 
> mph), quiet, plenty of accelleration no matter what speed.
> The stereo is so good it's scary... I jumped out of my chair when I had all 
> of the windows open, and the sunroof, and was going about 70, when I heard 
> strange sounds coming from the back seat. It turns out it was parts of the 
> music that I had never heard before, in songs that I have played dozens of 
> times.
> Picked it up at the airport, then had lunch with a friend in Albuqurque, then 
> headed up to Santa Fe, walked around for a while, then up to Colorado, where 
> I am now, camping at the great Sand Dunes national monument.  I'm taking 
> pictures for you... You'd love this thing!
> It's got electric everything, which is nice.  The thing I like the best is 
> the radio station shows up on the status indicator in the dash, and the 
> computer gives you the manifold pressure.  It's pretty accurate in that when 
> you are accelerating like mad (floored with the rpms over 3K) the turbo
> kicks in, and you can certainly fell it.
> I was pulling out of a light, and felt like revving it up.  Before I new it, 
> I thought "What's the RPM?"  It was redlined, and I didn't even hear it!
> On the home stretch to the campgrounds, I opened it up, got it up to 100 mph, 
> and it had a lot more, I was just a bit scared. I didn't get a good look at 
> the tires, so I didn't go any faster.  The machine is definitely capable of 
> it.
> It's in immaculate condition. I think Jenny got new mats for you, too.  At 
> least, that the way it looks (as does everything about the car).  She said 
> that she never had any trouble with it, and that it is in excellent 
> condition.  I went through some rain, and the water beaded over the new wax 
> job, and rolled right off of the newly rain-x'd glass.
> On the "what's wrong with it" side, the only thing I've seen is there is a 
> small rock ding over on the far right side of the windshield.  It's about the 
> size of a pencil eraser, so can be fixed for almost free.  The back bumper 
> (the painted plastic) has a couple of horizontal scratches. The front bumber 
> has some tar on it.  That's it!
> Nice car, Paul.  I only wish you were here to bring it back with me.  I'll be 
> back on Friday or Saturday, and will be checking for messages in the mean 
> time.
> Thanks for the trip,
> Dan

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