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Replacement shocks for 4KQ

Getting ready to replace the shocks on my 87 4KQ.  I'll be driving on the street
only, but I want a stiffer ride than stock.  Probably won't do the springs since
I'm not willing to give up ride height (too many speed bumps, craters, etc.)
I've searched through the archives and found some information, but not enough
for me to make a final decision.

I've come across four brands so far and would appreciate hearing list members
Boge: Turbo Gas seem very popular w/ list members, price very reasonable
Koni: those who have em, love em, but $$$$
KYB: alleged stiffer than Boge TG, priced between Boge and Koni
Bilstein: $$$, conflicting stories whether fitment is available for 4KQ
Are there any others that I missed?

Mark Hilbush
Baltimore, MD
87 4KCSQ