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'87 5000CS TQW Temperature Question, please.

Hello and thanks again,

I have a 1987 5000CS TQW. I am wondering what the normal range of 
temperatures are (per the guage). I recently installed anew temp sending 
switch (witht he aid and assistance of several of you - Thanks!). The 
guage works fine now but today after about a week, the car started to run 
seemingly hotter than I'd ever seen it before - not that high up on the 
guage just less than the 2 dots around the 3/4 mark) but it never before 
went more than a hair above middle with the old guage (when it was 
working) - even in the steepest climbs or the most deadly crawling 
traffic situations. 

The fluid still seems to be circulating and there seems to be enough of 
it. I only lost a couple of onces of fluid when I changed the switch. I 
am wondering if perhaps:

1. this is normal and the new temp guage is just reading differently than 
the old.

2.Maybe there was a small air pocket that showed up now after a week.

3. Perhaps there is something off witht the thermastat.

Any thoughts or experience would obviously be welcomed.

And again, thanks for all the help in the past...