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Re: A4Q bugs

     I've had similar problems with my A4Q.
        1. The radio gets louder as I'm turning down the volume
        2. There's a clunking sound in the engine bay going over bumps
        3. Squeaking in the driver side B-post.  The dealer (Essex Sports   
           Cars) sprayed silicone on it everytime I complained.  The noise  
           would disappear and then come back once I got home.
        4. Poor FM reception - local station signals keep getting cut off
        5. With the AC on, I'll occassionaly hear crackling noises from the 
           fuse box area (maybe bad relays)
        6. Turn signal light will not shut off (stalk returns to center).   
           The only way to get it to shut off is to shut the car off and    
           wait at least 30 seconds before starting again.
        7. Last saturday during the downpour in central NJ, my defogger     
           decided to shut off (climate control panel showed that the       
           defogger and AC compressor was still on).  I pressed the         
           defogger button several times, no go.  I had to stop in the      
           middle of the road (stopping all traffic behind me since there   
           wasn't a shoulder) and shut the car off and wait until the       
           system reset itself.
     P.S.  Has anyone tried to Scotchgard the cloth fabric? If you did,     
           did you notice any color changes in the fabric?