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Re: Stalling under pressure

When the AC turns on, a solenoid is used to raise the engine speed via
switching vacuum lines (I don't recall the details).  My guess is that one
of those lines is leaking or off, and that when the solenoid closes you
create a major leak.  Wild guess.

On my urQ, the solenoid is on the passenger side near the coil.  It's
mounted on a bracket on the firewall.

>I do not wish to upset the Audi gods, but my frustration level is getting
>Car (87 CSTQ5) runs like a top and smooth as silk until I put the A/C on.
>Then the idle begins to disintegrate and eventually in the heat, the car will
>stall when braking to a stop.
>I have over the past two months changed the:
>   Idle stablizer
>   Spark plus and wires
>   Rotor and cap
>and  adjusted the idle mixture, all to no avail.
>I suspect some type of vacuum leak(when I pull out the oil dip stick while
>the idle is smooth it does get rough but not enough to stall)  BUT which hose
>might it be? Does anyone have a good way to test?  Car has 93,000- things do
>dry out with age.
>Thanks guys. I know someone out there will say "Been there, done that"
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Richard Funnell,
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'87 560 SL