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Re: 88 Audi 80 Quattro Water temp light coming on.

Scott wrote:

When the turnsignal is on and I am cornering around a turn (hard, pulling
almost <1g)
I notice the water temperature warning light comes on and flashes with the

This warning light serves TWO functions: coolant temperature too high AND/OR
coolant level in the expansion tank too low.  If it only comes on when
cornering hard, then it simply could be the shift of coolant in the header
tank triggering the low coolant switch.  The warning light flashes at
roughly the same frequency as the turn signal...

Has anyone ever seen this? What do think would be the problem?  Fluid level
is okay when

You might be a bit low on coolant.  The level in the header tank will drop
slightly when the is engine running vs. not running.  Top it up a bit and
see what happens...

Good luck!

1988 90