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Re: A couple of minor A4Q things...

Dan Masi writes:
>> 5.  Anyone noticed that once in a while, when you try to turn
>>     the Delta radio volume down just a notch, the volume actually
>>     *increases* a notch?

Ti Kan writes:
>Yes, I have noticed this, and I think it's the GALA feature
>trying to compensate at an untimely moment!

While we're on the subject of the GALA radios, I was disappointed. I try to
convince myself it's having an effect, but it's not very noticeable - I
tried fiddling with the adjustments per the radio's manual (Altering basic
volume... on pg. 13), but (a) following the manual's instructions gave me a
different display than pictured (I actually got 2 seperate adjustments) and
(b) it wasn't clear what the adjustments were supposed to do - so I just
turned both of them all the way up. What have your experiences been?

Karl R. Hartzel (karlh@pacbell.com)
1996 A4Q