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Re: Car covers...need info...

Nivi@aol.com writes:
> Does anybody have any suggestions for a car cover for my S4? I've had a Tyvek
> cover for my coupe for about 3 years, and it's now starting to fall apart -
> it will soon have to be replaced. 
> The good thing that I've noticed about Tyvek is that is is quite light, and
> white, which reflects a lot of sunshine, keeping the car cooler.
> Is the Evolution 4 fabric any good, and does anyone have any info on high
> quality, inexpensive covers?

I use a car cover from Covercraft.  It is made of soft light tan
colored cotton with a flannel lining inside.  Very soft, does an
excellent job shielding the car from the sun when parked outside,
and can be folded into a relatively small lump for stowage in the

I wouldn't use this cover in wet weather, though.

I once had a cover made of the Evolution 3 material, but found it
to be too thick and unwieldy.  It took up too much trunk space even
when folded.  I don't know if the Evolution 4 is much better in this

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