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RE: 200tq boost...

I see about 17mpg/tank from the computer - translates into about 18mpg
when calculated. I drive about 15 miles to work every day of which 5 or
so are on the freeway...
- peter

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>I certanly hope the worst case is not true!!!. Not sure how far my
>warranty goes and don't want to find out!! 
>Just out of curiosity, what kind of fuel economy are you seeing? I drive
>mostly freeway in rush hour - average speed for the last tank was 39 and
>MPG was 24. And I don't spare the throttle!!! Not bad for a car with
>this performance!!
>Mike Miller
>Bonney Lake, WA.
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>74 F350 Camper Special with 10 ft camper.
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>>Hi Linus!
>>If I run the test you describe, I see boost hit about 1.3 at 1900 RPM
>>and build to about 1.5 at 3000+ RPM.  The Bentley manual test says to
>>start out in 4th gear at about 37 mph (which is roughly 1900 RPM) and
>>then nail it, watching the boost build until you hit 3000 RPM.  They
>>give various readings vs. elevation above sea level, but the bottom
>>line is you should hit 1.8 bar somewhere in that region.
>>I think Mike and I both have a problem.  If we are lucky, it is the
>>same problem, so one of us will solve it and help the other.  If we
>>are *really unlucky* both of us have plugged catalytic converters and
>>shot turbos :-).  I don't want to think about it...
>>Thanks for the info.
>>John M.