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Re: Rear Main Seal

In a message dated 96-06-29 22:40:46 EDT, you write:

<< Has ANYone on this list ever tackled this?  Do you folks have any 
 opinion about whether the rear main can be replaced without pulling 
 the tranny and transaxle?  If it can be done by dropping the pan, I 
 might just try it myself...but if it requires pulling the whole drivetrain
off, I 
 think a shop might get my biz - WHEN it gets bad enough to force my 
 hand......right now it's not leaking enough to lose a quart between 3K 
 mile filter changes.
 Thanks for your thoughts, etc.
.....  Tackled it several times, and no, you can't do it from below....  The
trans needs to get pulled, and the seal replaced.....  BTW, audi sells the
seal with the rear main plate as well, and charge 60.00 for it...  The seal
is available aftermarket tho for less than 10.00......  The slushbox FWD cars
are easier than the 5spd q's to drop....  A competent mechanic should be able
to do the whole project in less than a day....