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RE: UrQ v. 944t, etc.

	While I do love these Audi's, and I'm still waiting to get my 
hands on a cheap UrQ, the debate about race stuff [ie., 1/8th mile; 1/4 
mile; 0-60; 0-?] while fun, I believe misses the point.

	When discussing the U.S. spec stock UrQ, it has features that few 
"performance" cars can touch.  But, drag-race type performance ain't one 
of those features.  A stock UrQ can't touch a properly driven 944t 0-30, 
0-60, 0-100.  Same is true when compared to the dorF 5.0 pony car, the 
z-28's, or any of at least a dozen redneck cherished rides.

Sorry, jes gotstah jump in here on this one.....
My 85 ur-q stomps all over 5.0 rustangs, even modified ones, off-the-line, 0-30, 0.60 and 1/8 mile. When racing at NED (New England Dragway) against a friend's modified 5.0 stang I killed him off the line every time, he only caught me about 100-200 feet from the end of the 1/4 mile, after I hit 4th gear. He was VERY surprised!  :)  This was no mistake on his part either, we made many passes with the same result. This was before the S4 turbo. It would have been even closer with the S4 turbo..... Vettes and Camaros are much the same but I never got multiple runs against the same car/driver as I did with this modified stang.